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Why Optimize?

Route optimization is one of our most requested services. Many companies and individuals waste large sums of money and lose valuable time due to inexperienced route planning or lack of resources to assess the best route in their chain.

Optimizing transportation routes is a problem that requires a sophisticated solution. Too often, companies settle for a “close to optimal” routes that still leave a good margin of transportation savings unrealized. We have state-of-the-art software tools, routes can be optimized relative to Delivery Volumes and Time Requirements, Delivery Costs, Route Distances, and Load leveling Requirements.

Route Optimization

Don’t leave it to chance

Route optimization can mean in many cases if your cargo will reach it’s destination on time or at all. Especially during winter, Western Canada can become ( like most of Canada ) into a transportation nightmare. Changes in routes due to snowfall, icing or not enough ice can challenge even the most seasoned drivers and local companies. This is why a second opinion or a professional assessment can become very handy.

Planning ahead and the right road assessment are your best tools to guarantee an optimal delivery that is whole, consistent and on time. Don’t lose that sale or client over what can be in many cases a fraction of the cargo cost. Consult with our team before making that route or when in doubt about your existing route choice.



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Our flagship dedicated transportation service

The SARA Transport Advantage

No matter which service you require, the distance and load that you need, Our dedicated transportation services offer the same reliable assistance, competitive rates, and custom solutions each and every time.

We are a customer-oriented company that specializes in tailoring dedicated services for companies in Western Canada. Our specialization is local but our reach is global and our success is measured by the satisfaction of our big and small clients in Canada and beyond.

Sara Transport has been reliable and trusted the choice for dedicated transportation to many companies in Western Canada. Our solution comes easily to pick not only by our rates but the array of services that we can provide and support we can offer to your logistics challenges here and abroad.